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Family Travel

Families are precious. Spending quality time together creates memories that last long after youngsters have flown the nest. In our hectic world, taking time to plan and enjoy a vacation together as a family is a good way to come together and bond.

 Travel experiences combine educational moments, promote cultural awareness and provide opportunities to try new activities.  

Exploring family roots and genealogy is a good reason for a trip. Focus on visiting a country or city where your family have connections, perhaps centuries before. Meeting long-lost relatives as part of a family vacation is always a good reason to visit a country. Imagine taking a journey together discovering your family roots, perhaps in Ireland, Europe or Asia.  

Think about the learning a few words in the local language before your trip. Watch your children grow in confidence as they use them.  

Visiting different countries also means a variety of new cuisines to try. Sampling unique food and drink in unusual places is all part of your family’s cultural journey. Eat sushi in an authentic Japanese restaurant; watch chefs prepare a Teppanyaki feast before your eyes; sample local food at a Ruin Bar in Budapest or smell the aromas of barbecue at a Brazilian churrascaria. These are the experiences that bridge the generation gap as you laugh, chatter, share and eat together. You’ll talk about these unique moments for years to come!

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