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Naturally stunning and intriguingly diverse, Bolivia offers a world of adventure to those brave enough to explore it. Ride your own Wild West adventure on a horse-riding trip, paraglide on thermals high above the  steep sided valleys of La Paz or scale the Andean peaks on a breathtaking hiking expedition. Bolivians are as vibrant as their brightly colored clothing suggests and their regular street festivals take music and culture to a whole new level. Soccer is a passion rather than a spectator sport, so brush up on the off-side rule and participate from the sidelines – it’s surprisingly engrossing. Mealtimes are a combination of local meats (from chicken to llama!) and home-grown starches such as maize and potatoes. Drinks are fruit based glasses of lip-smacking nectar when you’re not sipping eye-watering shots of local Yunga coffee.

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Alejandro is our local expert on Bolivia, having lived and breathed the heart of South America for 17 years. His extensive experience grants him an intimate understanding of the continent’s diverse culture, scenery and history. A lifelong passion for travel and tourism, ignited during his studies, fuels Alejandro’s expertise. He brings invaluable insights to our … Read more

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Finest Journeys service is outstanding. In addition, Marilia is one of the best agent I have ever worked with.



Cynthia and Hugh had a FANTASTIC time and raved about the trip! Everything worked out well and went smoothly! They loved the hotel and Cynthia said that Finest Journeys were awesome!



My clients were thrilled with the itinerary and had a flawless trip. Thank you, Jean and Finest Journeys!

D. Evans


The Wilson’s loved their trip. Your service is invaluable.



Cheri and I would like to thank you again for providing an outstanding honeymoon for Kaleb and Alexandra. The kids had a wonderful time and will have stories to tell for a lifetime.


Fort Wayne

So stress free. You made it so easy for us and I loved the follow up checking in during the trip. I will be using your services again and recommending it to others.