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East of Italy and south of Austria, Slovenia is a surprising destination of snowcapped mountains, turquoise rivers and an Adriatic coastline to rival that of neighboring Venice. With a Mediterranean climate, this green forest-covered country is packed with natural and man-made treasures. The Julian Alps offer soaring peaks and massive caves filled with stalagmites and stalactites at Postojna and Škocjan. Outdoor activities abound as locals embrace mountain skiing, hiking, horseback riding and cycling as part of their everyday life. For the more adventurous, fast-flowing rivers cry out to be rafted while caving, canyoning and ballooning offer a challenging contrast to the sun-drenched Adriatic beaches. Rustic farmhouses, Gothic churches, medieval castles and Venetian harbors vie for attention along with the Art Deco treasures of Ljubliana. The museums provide insight into Slovenia’s rich history and culture. For foodies, Slovenia sets out to woo with cuisine that combines the best of Italian, Hungarian and Austrian influences. Locally sourced ingredients are used in scrumptious dumplings of potato, chives and bacon. Healthy salads are drizzled with nutty pumpkin-seed oil and for dessert, decadent pastries are washed down with strong regional wines.

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Finest Journeys service is outstanding. In addition, Marilia is one of the best agent I have ever worked with.



Cynthia and Hugh had a FANTASTIC time and raved about the trip! Everything worked out well and went smoothly! They loved the hotel and Cynthia said that Finest Journeys were awesome!



My clients were thrilled with the itinerary and had a flawless trip. Thank you, Jean and Finest Journeys!

D. Evans


The Wilson’s loved their trip. Your service is invaluable.



Cheri and I would like to thank you again for providing an outstanding honeymoon for Kaleb and Alexandra. The kids had a wonderful time and will have stories to tell for a lifetime.


Fort Wayne

So stress free. You made it so easy for us and I loved the follow up checking in during the trip. I will be using your services again and recommending it to others.