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Nestled north of England, Scotland beckons with a wild, romantic beauty that stirs the soul. The dramatic Highlands dominate the landscape, where towering mountains pierce the clouds, creating a breathtaking panorama that speaks of ancient mysteries and rugged resilience. The Isle of Skye, with its windswept cliffs and ever-changing colors, mesmerizes visitors with its raw, untamed allure, while the shimmering waters of Loch Ness whisper tales of enigmatic creatures and hidden depths. Amidst this natural splendor, ancient castles stand as silent sentinels, their weathered stones echoing with the echoes of battles and legends from ages past. Cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow offer a vibrant blend of history and modern energy, where the imposing silhouette of Edinburgh Castle reigns over the cityscape, reminding all who behold it of Scotland’s proud heritage. Yet it’s not just the landscape and architecture that captivate; it’s the warmth and hospitality of the Scots themselves, renowned for their storytelling prowess and their passion for traditional music, from the haunting melodies of the bagpipes to the lively rhythms of ceilidh dances. Whether you crave a thrilling hike through untamed wilderness or a taste of the rich cultural heritage that pervades every corner of the land, Scotland promises an unforgettable adventure, where every moment is infused with the magic of this ancient and storied land.

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Grieve is a good old Scottish family name – a grieve is a farm manager in the lowland Scots language. About 200 years ago , they got fed up with the trials and tribulations of 19th century Scottish farming and went west to settle in upstate New York. My Scottish roots were so strong that … Read more

Andrew Grieve
Andrew Grieve
Scotland Local Expert

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Finest Journeys service is outstanding. In addition, Marilia is one of the best agent I have ever worked with.



Cynthia and Hugh had a FANTASTIC time and raved about the trip! Everything worked out well and went smoothly! They loved the hotel and Cynthia said that Finest Journeys were awesome!



My clients were thrilled with the itinerary and had a flawless trip. Thank you, Jean and Finest Journeys!

D. Evans


The Wilson’s loved their trip. Your service is invaluable.



Cheri and I would like to thank you again for providing an outstanding honeymoon for Kaleb and Alexandra. The kids had a wonderful time and will have stories to tell for a lifetime.


Fort Wayne

So stress free. You made it so easy for us and I loved the follow up checking in during the trip. I will be using your services again and recommending it to others.